How you can tell if the condom broke until after he ejaculates and it's too late?

Answer You can't until its too late. That's why even condoms are not 100% effective.If he starts enjoying himself a whole lot more, it probably broke.

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HELP!!! The condom broke!!!?

Go to a doctor and get it checked it out. A courage wolf you are one ugly *** mother ******!!!

Can you get pregnant from a broke condom without cum?

Yes you can get pregnant from that. I'm not going to be a liar so I'l tell you how I know this.......... I'm 14 and have a daughter of my own...... That is how it happened

My Condom broke. Do you think I'm Pregnant?

If you're not already pregnant from what we did with that cat the other night, you definitely are now.(((HUGGGGS)))

What if you had sex and the condom broke but no sperm came out can you still get pregnant?

Answer It is definitely possible, but unlikely. But you should probably make sure that you're using the condom properly: not to open it w... Read More »