How you can play LoL on iPad 2?

Answer The iPad 2 is a Very Good Device!

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Can iPad 1 and iPad 2 play online together?

yes they could . they couldnt if they had a game whitch needs a camera . hope that helps

Should I you get an iPad 2 or iPad 3 I like the iPad 2 costs less and is thinner but I also like the iPad 3s retina display and camera?

I suggest to buy an iPad 3 as its camera rocks,it's good resolution screen. So fast processor .ipad2 is not at all good.

Can iPad play blu ray DVD?

iPad does not support HD so Bluray cannot be played directly. There are methods for converting HD data to a resolution and bit rate that iPad will support but a conversion is required for each disc.

Can you play pkr on iPad 2?

Go to a coffee shop or restaurant with free Wi-Fi internet.