How would/does aluminum foil help heal a burn or alleviate the pain of one?

Answer It prevents oxygen getting to the wound and stops it drying out - cling film does the same trick and is recommended as a good first aid treatment after cooling the burn of course. Oh - nearly forgo... Read More »

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Copper vs aluminum vs aluminum foil?

Copper has higher thermal conductivity, therefore, it's ideal for that purpose. If you want to dissipate heat, you would need high amount of surface area of copper (like lots of fins).Wiztek, that ... Read More »

Is tin foil same as aluminum foil?

In this case they are, the metal used is aluminium, not tinDune

How can I alleviate an oil burn?

It will be painful for a while. Continue to apply ice. If you have it, apply some aloe vera, or triple antibiotic w/ pain killer in it. You could also take pail reliever, such as tylenol or aspi... Read More »

How to Use Aluminum Foil?

Aluminum foil is commonly used in the kitchen for packaging, baking, and cooking, but its usefulness doesn't stop there. Here's how to make the most out of a roll of aluminum foil in ways you proba... Read More »