How would/does aluminum foil help heal a burn or alleviate the pain of one?

Answer It prevents oxygen getting to the wound and stops it drying out - cling film does the same trick and is recommended as a good first aid treatment after cooling the burn of course. Oh - nearly forgo... Read More »

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Does coq10 help alleviate pain of achilles tendonitis?

On One Hand: Not a Normal UseWebMD and do not state that coenzyme Q10, or coQ10, is a supplement intended for pain relief or pain caused by Achilles tendonitis. Its uses are in the areas ... Read More »

Can antidepressants ( such as venlafixne) help alleviate chronic pain?

Definitely. One of the side effects is the anesthetic affect on nerves. We used it in our practice for chronic pain syndromes.

Is tin foil same as aluminum foil?

In this case they are, the metal used is aluminium, not tinDune

How does putting toothpaste on a burn help it heal?

To jbrizzle: bases cancel out acids. So if you burn yourself with an acid a base will cancel it. But if it's a heat burn, not a chemical burn, you don't want a base; strong bases can cause burns ju... Read More »