How would you use "Facebook" correctly in this sentence?

Answer The first one just doesn't sound rightYou could use the second if you wanted but most people that are familiar with facebook or any social networking site say "do you have facebook/myspace etc?"

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Would it be considered douchey to use this as a facebook cover photo?

It's not really socially acceptable but don't listen to other people, do what you want.

This man posted a video of my baby on Facebook. Would you say its strange?

You have every right to object to footage of your child being posted on Facebook. He should NOT have posted it without your express permission. You can quietly contact Facebook directly and ask the... Read More »

Why would my ex boyfriend blocked me on Facebook help with this!?

My ex also blocked me at the beginning of September! He also blocked me on his phone all because I told him I cheated on him which I didn't I just wanted to see what he said. I told him I was jokin... Read More »

How to fix my facebook, is not correctly display in my laptop?

basically you have pasted some heavy stuff on facebook or something . or your internet is slow and you clicked a lot of time facebook sometimes does that after 24 hours or 3 days it will go back to... Read More »