How would you use "Facebook" correctly in this sentence?

Answer The first one just doesn't sound rightYou could use the second if you wanted but most people that are familiar with facebook or any social networking site say "do you have facebook/myspace etc?"

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How to fix my facebook, is not correctly display in my laptop?

basically you have pasted some heavy stuff on facebook or something . or your internet is slow and you clicked a lot of time facebook sometimes does that after 24 hours or 3 days it will go back to... Read More »

Facebook won't load correctly in Chrome or FireFox?

Whats >>> mean after a sentence on facebook or twitter?

>>>>>> means you favor/like something (chocolate>>>>>)

How do I know if I am correctly doing these sit ups?

Make sure you keep your back and neck straight. Do not sit up using your neck to pull you up.Also do them slowly, don't rush yourself.And the pain is normal when you first start working out. It's j... Read More »