How would you setup your own server?

Answer The size of the server depends on how many 'hits' you expect. Certainly yahoo's servers are much more capable than my little server :)I'm able to handle up to 100 online users on a 833MHz Dell sys... Read More »

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How to Setup a Fax Server?

Setting up a fax server can be a rather involved process depending on your routing scheme, the capabilities or your fax server, your phone system and your computer network. Setup also depends on w... Read More »

How to Setup a FTP Server?

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is intended for downloading and uploading files between computers on the same network. The server computer, also called the host computer, sets up a connection and logi... Read More »

How to Setup a Windows Fax Server?

Fax servers enable multiple users on a network to send and receive faxes from their individual computers. Many companies have begun using fax servers to speed up productivity by having employees se... Read More »

How to Setup an Internet Server?

An Internet server provides other network users with the ability to connect to the server's Internet access point. This means the Internet connection on your server is used by other network users. ... Read More »