How would you send a torsional wave pulse down a spring?

Answer Waves are the result of the transfer of energy across a connected surface. Ocean waves are an easy example, where energy transfer both from wind and the gravitation pull of the moon pushes the wate... Read More »

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Where can i find a Myotron pulse wave stun gun preferably a new one?

Whatever you want, you can always find it on Ebay

How to Send a Shock Wave Through a Board?

A shock wave is a sudden and violent force created by an object moving faster than the speed of sound. The result is a rapid change in pressure that produces waves capable of traveling through diff... Read More »

What Is a Torsional Twist Piston Ring?

The word "torsion" refers to the process of twisting or turning. A torsional twist piston ring is a piston ring that twists as it rapidly moves up and down as a result of the combustion of a fuel-a... Read More »

Torsional Section Properties of Steel Shapes?

The torsional section property of a steel shape refers to the amount of rotating or twisting force that a section of steel can withstand before failing. Different shapes of steel sections possess d... Read More »