What movie would you love to change the ending to, how would it end once you got done rewriting it?

Answer I would've had the shark in Deep Blue Sea escape just to show the world that humans playing God is dangerous

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How to Say "I Love You" in Spanish?

You can say "I love you" in Spanish two different ways. One way suits all expressions of love and the other suits professions of love to a wife, husband, girlfriend or boyfriend. Spanish evolved in... Read More »

How to Write I Love You in Spanish?

I LOVE YOU; those words are very strong. Why not learn how to write them in Spanish?

Does anybody remember the name of that Spanish 'Sesame Street' that aired on PBS during the 70's and early 80's where a guy would yell Enrique and a bunch of little kids would run out of a building?

You are correct. There was a tv program that might be classified as a Spanish language ( Seasame Street). I believe it was called Carrascolendas My Spanish is not very good, but seem to recall the ... Read More »

What country would you love to dine in And what would you eat?

Northern Ireland for a proper Ulster Fry.