How would you rather die Scorching heat & fire, or freezing cold & ice?

Answer Although I hate winter, I have to say freezing cold and ice. They say it's like drifting to sleep into dreamland. Reality is that your blood is actually freezing in your veins. Sounds much bette... Read More »

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Would you rather :be too hot or too cold?

for a guy like me who lives in canada I'd say too hot.

Would you rather be: HOT OR COLD?

Cold, its easier to cover up in blankets when your cold.

Would you rather listen to the Jonas Brothers, set your hair on fire, or eat CANDY CORN?

set the jonas brothers' hair on fire while eating candy corn.

Why is it that if you were out in the cold (and I mean FREEZING cold)..?

because your hands are cold the hot water is perceived as being even hotter. the thermoreceptor nerves in your hand detect increases and decreases in temperature relative to their own temperature.t... Read More »