How would you mount a TV to a wall that does not have those studs in back of the wall?

Answer I'm very surprised that you would have a wall with no studs in it. Then again, maybe you're mounting it over a fireplace or something that's more of a soffit than a wall.I also wonder what kind of ... Read More »

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How to Mount an LCD Wall Mount to 24-Inch Studs?

Most wall studs are 16 inches on center, but if your home has 24-inch stud spacing, it doesn't mean wall-mounting a flat-panel TV is difficult. Manufacturers make wall brackets to handle this ver... Read More »

How do I install a TV wall mount that is not centered on the studs?

PreparationLocate the three studs closest to where you will install your TV; use a stud finder, if necessary. Mark each stud on your wall. Measure the distance from the first to the third stud. Pur... Read More »

How do you hook up a wall mount LCD TV without having the Direct TV wires hanging down the wall?

Do back to wall toilets require any wall mounting frames?

it is called a toilet flange, comes up Thur the floor the toilet bolts to it, with a wax ring the cistern is what we call a sewer connection