How would you know if your arm is broken?

Answer A cracked or broken arm bone will be extremely painful and there may also be: swelling or tenderness around the injured area bleeding, if the bone has damaged the tissue and skinIf it's just ... Read More »

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How would you fix a broken heart, I meant how would you move on after your heart has been broken by the?

The main goal is to occupy yourself, even by stuff you hate. As long as it doesn't bore you. Also, talk to people about it. It helps alot with getting over things. You can even hire a psychatrist i... Read More »

Would you know if you fractured or dislocated your neck right away Would you know if you broke it ?

Calm down. You didn't break it, you would already be paralyzed if ou did. But you should see a doctor if possible.

How to Know if Your Toe Is Broken?

Feel like you have a broken toe but you're not sure? While it's important to get to your doctor as soon as possible if you have any concerns, it is possible that you might not be able to, or that y... Read More »

How do u know if your toe is broken?

It probably isn't, but it doesn't matter. The treatment for sprained, jammed and broken is about the same. If it's really bothering you, tape it to the next toe.