How would you get your parents to let you go to the mall by yourself?

Answer Really it is any ones guess. Show them you are responsible, and that you know about safety. There is not a set way.

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Is it possible to have your parents deemed unfit parents and get yourself emancipated and be adopted by someone else's parents in Alabama?

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Not a real situation but if your girlfriend is going to have a baby how would you tell your parents and would they be really mad or just a little mad my parents arnt strict but please give an anserr?

if you are a minor, and still in school, and living at home, yeah id say your parents would be p!ssed on a level you have never even thought of.** The only way to tell them is- to tell them straigh... Read More »

How to Persuade Your Parents to Let You Go to the Mall Alone?

You want to go to the mall by yourself. However, your pesky parents won't do it, here's how to convince them into letting you do it.

Would you rather go to an indoor mall or an out door mall?