How would you fix up a can of treet meat in your kitchen?

Answer Dice up and fry with eggs or hash browns For flavor. Dice up for salads, sandwiches, A great substitute in recipes calling for pork or ham

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Vegetarians:Would you let your Son/Daughter eat meat?

I'am always asked this question and I am also told I force my daughter to be vegan. Well let me answer this now for you, Yes and No.Yes, when she is old enough to make her own informed decisions ab... Read More »

Frog legs Deer Meat Or Alligator Meat Which would you want to try?

I've eaten Venison *deer* and Bear, but not Frogs legs or Alligator. I think I'd want to try Alligator, Frogs legs would be too small for me, I'd probably have to eat alot to get a taste for them.E... Read More »

If you had to kill your own meat would you become vegetarian?

Humans are social beings. We divide our roles in society, and thus are not faced with all the thrills life may bring. If you would want someone who has never killed an animal, to kill his own lunch... Read More »

If you KNEW your meat was cruelty free, would you eat it?

I am fortunate enough to have my own hens (Nugget, Cheddar, Henabelle and Henrietta), and my own lovely cow, Abigail. I consider their eggs and milk enough of a gift-no need to kill them for food.... Read More »