How would you describe the pleasure you get from eating a raw piece of onion?

Answer I freakin' love onions. I put them in and on everything. And Funyuns might possibly be the greatest invention..... ever. And Oh! Sour Cream and Onion potato chips! You don't like those either? The ... Read More »

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What would you name 5 boys from my guilty pleasure list?

Orion CadelAtticus DrakeKendall AddisonHeathcliff QuinnAlastair Rourke (LOVE this! Alastair is my favourite name for a boy)Ry, Atti, Ken, Heath & Al :)BQ: AlaricCastielStrathamIshmaelLestatOctavius... Read More »

How would you describe Carly from iCarly?

Describe an Evaluative Piece of Essay Writing?

An evaluative piece of essay writing is best described as an essay that aims to review or evaluate a work, process or person. Although the writer must express a clear judgment or opinion, she also... Read More »

How would you describe Joker from the movie The Dark Knight?

Joker is a maniac who terrorizes Gotham City and his goal is to plunge it into anarchy. I guess you can say he's psychopathic, murderer, and a schizophrenic clown with zero sympathy. And Heath Ledg... Read More »