How would you describe my style?

Answer I would describe it as classy and fashionable with a mix of versatility. You mix it up a lot, try different things. That's good, I like it!

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How would you describe my tumblr style?

Different strokes for different folks. I personally think it's difficult to use and a mess, other people will disagree. It should look however you want it to look.

How to Describe a Style of Learning?

A learning style is the way in which someone encounters and understands information. All individuals learn in a way that is different and beneficial to them. It is helpful for educators to understa... Read More »

In one word describe your fashion style/fashion-sense!?

What style of pizza is better, Chicago style of New York style?

I'm having deja moose! You know where I stand on that you need a fork and knife to eat is not pizza.