How would you describe my style?

Answer I would describe it as classy and fashionable with a mix of versatility. You mix it up a lot, try different things. That's good, I like it!

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How would you describe my tumblr style?

Different strokes for different folks. I personally think it's difficult to use and a mess, other people will disagree. It should look however you want it to look.

How to Describe a Style of Learning?

A learning style is the way in which someone encounters and understands information. All individuals learn in a way that is different and beneficial to them. It is helpful for educators to understa... Read More »

Would you describe your "dream house" and where it would be located?

Five bedrooms on the 2nd floor with 5 baths. One of course would be the master suite with sitting roomFirst floor, a real professional kitchen, TV room, family room, dinning area, library and sitt... Read More »

If i wanna get crispy style fried style onion slices would I put it as bake or broil in the oven?

BAKE! at about 375 to 400 degrees. Baking heats the air around the food and it should cook evenly around. Broiling is for things like quick sear the top of bread (45 sec to 1 min) or a steak for 4 ... Read More »