How would you describe lemons:)?

Answer sour and sweety tangy:))

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How many lemons should you eat a day?

you should eat at least 12 a day ok alright bye

Can lemons go bad /go off?

Yes, but they keep a lot longer in the fridge AND even longer if you wrap them tightly in cling-film (I believe the yanks call it Seran wrap) or tin-foil

How to Use Lemons?

If there is one fruit in the house you can't do without, it is the humble lemon. It can be used for eating, cooking, drinking, cleaning, deodorizing, science experiments, homemade beauty solutions,... Read More »

What do lemons grow on?

Mmmm - pretty much on lemon bushes or lemon trees...Though I suppose you can do the old splice and dice and have them grow on other kinds of trees - a friend of mine made a weird hobby out of that.... Read More »