How would you describe American food in your region of the country?

Answer Here in the midwest there's a lot of beef and pork - roasts, steaks, chops - all of the time. Roasting in the winter and grilling in the summer. Summer vegetables and fruits - asparagus, corn, to... Read More »

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Wat is your usual food item pls specify with your region or country.?

North IndianMain article: North Indian cuisineNaan with curryNorth Indian cuisine is distinguished by the higher proportion-wise use of dairy products; milk, paneer, ghee (clarified butter), and yo... Read More »

How would you describe Iranian food cuisine?

There's a great article on Mediterranean Cuisine in Wiki ::The food consists primarily of fresh fruits and vegetables with an emphasis on poultry and seafood, rice, grains, beans and pastas. Grilli... Read More »

Can Japanese region 2 DVDs play on American region 1 DVD players?

No, they are two different regional format. Unless you have an all Region DVD Player which is not available anywhere. Your computer might be able to play these Japanese DVDs but you have to change ... Read More »

How to Flesh out a Country or Region in Your Fantasy RPG World?

Hello game master/fantasy author. This is a guide to organizing and sorting out the finer details and aspects of a specific country or region of your world: a format for the living details that hel... Read More »