How would you define root crops?

Answer Root crops would basically be vegetables that are harvested in root form. Potatos, radishes, and carrots would be examples of root crops.

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Crops Affected by Root Nematodes?

Root nematodes, better known as root knot nematodes, enter plant roots and feed on them, damaging or destroying the plants they invade, according to the University of Maryland. Smart crop rotation ... Read More »

How can you 'regrow' the root nerve and pulp of a tooth after a reckless dentist has removed them in preparation for an unnecessary root canal?

The nerve can not regenerate in a tooth, instead what is left of it will eventually die. You would be better off having the root canal treatment completed and if it is a back tooth you NEED a crown... Read More »

What are Spains crops?

Spain grows grain, vegetables, olives, wine grapes, sugar beets, and citrus in that order.See the related link for a more complete list of agricultural crops in Spain.

Different Ear Crops for Dobermans?

Doberman puppies have long floppy ears that do not function like normal dog ears. Cropping is a cosmetic procedure that removes the outside membrane of the ear so only the hard ear remains. This al... Read More »