How would you define root crops?

Answer Root crops would basically be vegetables that are harvested in root form. Potatos, radishes, and carrots would be examples of root crops.

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How would you define employee benefits?

Employee benefits are compensations given to employees in addition to regular salaries or wages.

What would you define as a beautiful woman?

Just be unique and don't follow the same trends as everyone else. I like free spirited girls :)

How would a user know when the BIOS settings have failed and define Flashing?

you would know if bios settings have failed if your hard drive or dvd drive doesn't work...the BIOS is a part of the CMOS that tells you about your peripherals.flashing your bios is like when you f... Read More »

What is the irony in the novel Old Man and the Sea?

in the book the marlin is being eaten by sharks until just the bones are left. At the end of the book people just think the bones must be what's left of a shark