How would you deal with mentally or physically challenge students?

Answer be carefull with him (or her) be sure to not enrage the child. make sure not to make physical contact for disiplinary action, a few minutes alone is much more affective.

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How to Live With a Physically and Mentally Abusive Stepfather?

Children who are mistreated will act-out by inflicting similar abuse on others in adult life unless there is caring intervention during childhood or later as an adult. People who are abusive to oth... Read More »

Can mentally and physically abused teenage brothers live with a non relative in New York State?

If a 13-year-old child was being physically and mentally abused by a parent is there a way they could go live with a relative before the age of 18 in Michigan?

Answer NO ONE, including parents, has a right to abuse, neglect or mistreat a child EVER! Contact the Michigan Child Protective Services, toll free at 1-800-842-4357. If you believe you are in phys... Read More »

How to Be Mentally and Physically Healthy?

Do you want to feel and look healthy, physically and mentally? Well, here are some tips to help you out?