How would you create a program that notifies the user when your YouTube channel uploads a video?

Answer Unless you are just looking for a way to practice coding, there are many ways to do that already.Have them subscribe to your channel on YouTube.Have them subscribe to your Twitter feed, and tweet a... Read More »

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How is my youtube video and channel?

How can i create a new channel on youtube?

hello my friend this video explain how you can Make A YouTube Account / Channel / Username : luck

How to Create a Second YouTube Channel?

Been on YouTube before?Do you really want to have a second YouTube channel? Want to do what you want? Well then, this is just for you!

Topics for a video for my youtube channel?

Talk about things going on in the world, watch the news, but anyway here's some topics:Psy has a new song. It sucks. Kim Kardashians pregnant and someone released a song called "I hit it first", th... Read More »