How would you ask your doctor for a prescription for weed?

Answer You'll have to find a pseudo-doctor, a real one will call your bluff.

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What's the easiest hallucinogenic drug to get, besides weed, that isn't prescription?

Cannabis is not a hallucinogenic. If you want a hallucinogenic, you should try Ketamine, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, Dimethyltryptamine, Psilocybin Mushrooms, etc. The easiest to find would depend ... Read More »

How to Read a Doctor's Prescription?

Physicians are notorious for poor handwriting, and the Latin abbreviations and medical terminology on prescriptions can make reading a prescription very difficult. Follow these tips to read and und... Read More »

I'm sick and going to the doctor. I recently smoked weed so will the dr. find out and tell my parents?

Jacob, tell your doctor if you use any kinds of drugs, how much and if you are sexually active. He needs to know all this in order to work with you to keep you healthy.Never lie to or omit detai... Read More »

Is there a difference between prescription & non prescription reading glasses?

my other half is a nurse and only uses non prescription glasses. they're not harmful but I always believe in getting prescription glasses that suit you specific needs. As a nurse, she wouldn't we... Read More »