How would you answer the following question (dining)?

Answer I would say yes. It's not as if they are going to ask for ID if you are just ordering food.

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Peter, please answer the following question?

you do know how that works right?what you do is type Peter, then you type your answer in the peter please answer box then after thatyou type you question in the question boxthen he gives you your o... Read More »

Would you say that Yahoo Answers are unfair for giving me a violation for the following answer?

I think there must have been an error there.I read somewhere in Yahoo! Answers homepage, that they are experiencing some fault and some people are been sent warnings incorrectly. And they apologise... Read More »

How would you answer a question to some one who writes depressing words?

In the most positive way possible.There are several ways to see a situation we sometimes find ourselves in.An "outsiders" point of view can often be the most positive and constructive.Whatever the ... Read More »

Please answer and help: Would it be rude to ask a specialist this Question?

FYI, almost all traditional orthodontists do not know how to treat TMJ. The dental professional you need to see is a dentist who knows functional orthodontics. That dentist can be a traditional ort... Read More »