How would i smoke weed out of a hooka?

Answer Weed is terrible for hookahs. Wait until you have shisha and mix your weed in. What is better is mixing very clean hash in with your shisha. Generally though, weed resonates horribly in a hookah an... Read More »

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How to Smoke Shisha from a Hooka Pipe?

Have you ever wondered what the experience of smoking shisha from a shisha pipe (or hookah pipe) is like? If you have a bit of spare money for your own pipe or borrow a friends, you can save money ... Read More »

How do I go about telling my parents I smoke and smoke weed?

Just walk up to them and say:" Mom, Dad, I have made the decision to harm my body. I, despite knowing that it will most likely lead to my slow and painful death, have decided that I have grown up... Read More »

Do you smoke weed or not?

I'm about to smoke some weed?

Make sure your warm, if you get cold it could get you nervous and maybe start trippin. focus on the feeling. You would have to smoke 20 pounds to maybe die. Make sure to have a drink for cottonmout... Read More »