How would i delete the history off a computer ?

Answer Some answers are accurate, some arent. Mostly people wrote only about IE or Firefox so i am going to be a bit more detailed...Firefox : 1. Run Firefox2. Look on the top, click on Tools → Clear Pr... Read More »

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How do I delete history on a Mac computer?

On FirefoxTurn on your computer and launch your web browser. Click on the "Firefox" menu at the top of your screen. Select "Preferences" and then click on the "Privacy" icon in the window that pops... Read More »

How to Delete History on Your Computer?

We all like looking up so much stuff on the computer, but sometimes our history gets all clogged up with unnecessary things, that we have no need for anymore. Here's how to delete your history, in ... Read More »

How to delete history of computer?

If its a pc go to file and its somewhere in there if its a mac click on safari and on the top left it should say history and press clear

How do you delete some of the history on your computer?

if you are using IE you go to Tool > Internet Option > Clear HistoryIf you are using Firefox, go to Tool > Clear Private Data