How would homeopathy "cure" a person who has had a thyroid destroyed?

Answer Homeopathy may be helpful in placebo sensitive conditions that members of the royal family may have, but a destroyed thyroid is no such thing. Homeopathy has been around for approximately 200 years... Read More »

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Homeopathy Cure for Stretch Marks?

Although there are a variety of homeopathic treatments to reduce and prevent stretch marks, confirms there's no homeopathic cure that will remove the scars completely. A number... Read More »

Quacks : do you think homeopathy or reiki can cure cancer or AIDS?

"Simply removing an affected subject from the cause of the 'disease' (progressive ailment) will allow for the body to pick up and expel anything it eventually neutralizes." Good grief, what a load ... Read More »

Homeopathy Would you recommend it?

Best description I ever heard of homeopathy came from a doctor on a medical site I subscribe to.He likened it to throwing a pint of beer into a reservoir and then drinking the water thinking you wi... Read More »

Do thyroid conditions make a person emotionally numb?

On One Hand: Hypothyroidism Can Cause DepressionHypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, can have a depressive effect on mood. The body's energy production uses thyroid hormones, so without them ... Read More »