How would a user know when the BIOS settings have failed and define Flashing?

Answer you would know if bios settings have failed if your hard drive or dvd drive doesn't work...the BIOS is a part of the CMOS that tells you about your peripherals.flashing your bios is like when you f... Read More »

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How to Know When a Fuel Pump Has Failed?

The fuel pump is the heart of a car's fuel system. It draws the fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. Vehicles with electronic fuel injection have an electric fuel pump placed in the fuel tank. Fu... Read More »

I have a few windows update that failed to install. Would it affect my computer?

Not really no. It won't affect your ability to use the machine at all. They are probably just security updates for something which you are unlikely to ever come across.

When it says "No user serviceable parts inside" How do they know?

I hope they know what's inside...Oh, you mean they know that I I know...

How to Change Computer BIOS Settings?

From time to time, we must make modifications to our computers that require going into the BIOS of the machine. Although each computer is different, most use standard ways of getting in, changing v... Read More »