How would a person know if they killed their fetus?

Answer If you suspect a miscarriage you have to see a doctor if it does not come out. You will get fever, pain and it will smell by the infection otherwise. If you have an abortion there is always a follo... Read More »

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If an invisible person closed their eyes would they still be able to see?

Technically, an invisible person would be blind as the rods and cones in their eyes would not be able to receive light (as light would go right through them).

How would a person know when they are hiring at area 51?

You would have to contact Scully or Mullder.

If a blind person drove up to the atm to get money how would they know which button to press?

My wife doesn't drive, but she does use the walk-up ATM. The walk-up ones are the same as the drive-up ones. Cuts down on production and maintenance costs.As to the "which button to press" question... Read More »

Can an enemy POW be killed if they threaten your unit's security or mission by their presence?

No. Detainees and POWs are covered under the Geneva Convention and their treatment must follow the guidelines in the UCMJ.