How would a baby come out of a man?

Answer It couldn't because men don't have the proper anatomy to carry and deliver children.

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Moms-If we had a Y/A Baby get together or party- Would you come And where is everyone from?

I think I would come. I would love to meet everyone! We all spend so much time on here and get a little peak into everyone's lives. I am in Ohio btw!

Would you trade your baby for a scholarship If you were the baby would you want to be traded for that?

No I wouldn't trade my child for a scholarshp. Am I surprised? No. This is entirely in keeping with the agenda of the NCFA, which they proudly lay out in their Adoption Fact Book that was releas... Read More »

How come the baby doesn't come from the stork?

Baby doll recommendations! I am looking for a baby doll that would perhaps fit into newborn baby clothing?

I used to have a my buddy doll, but they make kid sisters. they're huge! my buddy (I named him andrew) was my size.…I don't think that link will post becau... Read More »