How would I make a double line graph and data table with Excel 2010 Help! 10 points?

Answer See the tutorial here:…

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In excel, how can you create a line of best fit on your graph using NOT all of the points?

I am not aware of any method to only use specific points of an existing graph to modify the Trend Line.

How do you make a double bar graph comparing 2 things using Microsoft Excel?

Select your two things, then click the Chart Wizard icon on the Standard Toolbar. For the Chart Type, choose "Bar", then choose whichever sub-type that strikes your fancy. Click the Next> button ... Read More »

How do I make a line graph on Microsoft Excel?

Selecting the dataHighlight the data on your Excel 2007 worksheet that you want to include on the line graph. Make sure that the cells in the first row are the column headers in order for your grap... Read More »

How to Make a Line Graph in Microsoft Excel?

Line graphs are great tools to track and trend data. This is particularly helpful when including said data in a presentation created in Excel. Microsoft often uses the words "graph" and "chart" int... Read More »