In the word Navy SEAL what is the acronym of SEAL?

Answer SEa, Air and Land.

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What can be done to a Navy Seabee who is impersonating a navy seal?

he is really better, so what mind your own buisness you jealous

What does the SEAL stand for in Navy SEAL?

SEa Air Land that is what the name represents. These are the environments in which the SEALs operate.

Are the Navy SEAL ranks the same as the Navy's?

SEAL team members are members of the US Navy with the same ranks and specialties.This was true until very recently. They are all members of the US Navy. The enlisted members have ratings not ranks.... Read More »

Do you really have to join the Navy to become a Navy Seal?

well, you're not going to join the boy scouts.of course you have to join the navy. that's why they call them navy seals...