How would I discharge static electricity while working on my pc !!best answer!!?

Answer Unplug the power.Make sure you are continuously in contact with the metal casing while you work. Do not remove anything from its' anti-static packaging until you are ready to fit it. When you remov... Read More »

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How to Discharge Static Electricity?

It's likely you've experienced static electricity many times. Static electricity is a build up of separated electrons that can only discharge when the item or person with the electrical build up to... Read More »

How do I get rid of static electricity that stops my scanner from working?

Static buildup is due to very low humidity in the environment. The best thing to do is increase the amount of humidity in your environment. A good humidifier close to the equipment and paper should... Read More »

How do I get rid of Static Electricity?

Get a spray bottle, fill it up with tap water, put about 2 tablespoons of your fav conditioner in it. Mix it up. When you get up in the morning, spritz your hair a bit. Comb it through. You should ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Static Electricity on Furniture?

Static electricity is simply the buildup of electrical charges on the surface of various objects or materials, including certain types of furniture. This buildup results in a spark, a shock, or eve... Read More »