Alan Jackson says, It's Five O'Clock Somewhere ...What is your favorite song with a number in the title?

Answer .....9,999,999 Tears .....Dickey Lee

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Is this telephone call a scam?

call the number from a phone booth, that way you'll satisfy your curiosity and still protect your own line

What did you have to do to call on Alexander Bell's Telephone PLEASE HELP :(?

It depends on where you Bell phone was located. It didn't have a dial. If you had a crank phone, you picked up the receiver (not a handset, that was later) and turned the crank. In the telephone... Read More »

How can I record a telephone call on the Iphone? are THE most incompetent Secret Agent ever! Don't ask this shytte on public forums.....your target will get wind of our nefarious plotting! You go to, login ... Read More »

Call-Center Telephone Etiquette?

Call center employees typically operate in an energetic, high stress environment. They must keep customers happy while reaching sales or efficiency goals to remain in good standing with their emplo... Read More »