How would I ask for Demi Lovato's haircut?

Answer you: umm...can you make my hair medium-long, a little lower than my shoulders, with thin layers and can you dye it like a light, natural looking red, please?hairdresser: yes, of course :)*hope this... Read More »

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How to pre order DEMI by Demi Lovato?

I need a japanese haircut. What are some good websites for haircut Ideas?'ve used this site before when getting my haircut. But be warned that if your stylist is not familiar with the techniques used by Japanese stylist, you will not get the r... Read More »

Whats the difference between a $15 haircut and a $100 haircut?

Hair cuts have nothing to do with the price. A good stylist can work in a low price salon or an upper priced salon.You pay for the name of the salon and feel like you have had a GREAT haircut onl... Read More »

Which Haircut Should I get / Which Haircut Will Look The Best On Me (Pics included =)?

YAY!!!!! I FINALLY GOT TO SEE WAT U LOOK LIKE!!!!!get the second one!the first one i was all 0_O but the second one is awesomeee.Oh btw if u dont know who i am ( i changed my avatar and name AGAIN ... Read More »