How will you recognise a bully?

Answer he/she is the one pushing and picking on all the other kids

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Is the person bully the bully on the internet will go to jail?

Nope. If a bully is bullying you on the the internet, he/she will not go to jail. UNLESS, threats are involved.

Epson SX100 printer will not recognise new black ink cartridge?

Hi JoReturn the cartdrige. Those clone cartridge are often incompatible which is why your Epson won;t recognize it. Bring it back and ask for another one.If it still doesn't print, it proves my poi... Read More »

How cani burn dvds in a format that my (cheap) dvd player will recognise and play?

You might just be burning it too fast, try at 1x or 2x, it will take more time but data on the DVD will be clearer and you cheap player might have an easier time reading it.

What will a bully do to you?

They might physically, mentally and verbally hurt you.