How will you know a dog is going into labor soon if she is leaking milk?

Answer if you think a dog is, then you either take her to the vet; other wise if u are one just relax and help the dogs needs. make sure your dog has had her shots and also fix your dog for pregenancy u d... Read More »

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Are you about to go into labor if you are leaking breast milk at 7 months pregnant and just went through false labor?

Answer Many women start leaking colustrum during pregnancy, which is normal and does not mean you are going into labor.

You just started leaking does that mean you are about to go into labor?

Answer i dont kno If you are leaking fluid get medical help IMMEDIATELY!!!!! your doctor will tell you if you are in labor and about to give birth if it's around your due date and if it's tooo ea... Read More »

How to Cope With Leaking Milk?

If you have milk leakage, proceed as such to get rid of the embarrassment:

When do you start leaking milk during your pregnancy?

Answerwell this is my second prgnancy and I'm 2 days from starting my 6th month and my breast starting leaking one week ago. and it doesn't happen everyday but so far it's been 3 times. and i got a... Read More »