How will you free the allocated memory ?

Answer free(var-name)

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Does memory need to be explicitly allocated to all objects (Java)?

You must explicitly allocate memory for it with the statement:thisBook = new Book();otherwise you have only declared a null reference of type Book.

How can increase the video memory of my PCAnd where can i download free memory chips.?

Now having thought what other people previously wrote, actually there is a way to set video memory, if you are using onboard video.To increase video memory (shared RAM) you must enter the BIOS and ... Read More »

How Are IP Addresses Allocated & Used?

An IP address, or internet protocol address, is a locating tool for any electronic device associated in a computer network. This includes computers, laptops, smartphones and any other device connec... Read More »

What Are Allocated Tips for Employers?

In industries that generate gratuities as compensation, some companies use an allocated tips system to reward employees. Allocated tips are tips that are designated to you by your employer in addit... Read More »