How will the switch to Digital TV affect my dog?

Answer If your dog wears a tin foil hat, it won't experience any problems.

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How will the transition to Digital TV affect reruns of Leave It To Beaver?

High resolution picture.You'll be able to see the shots of vodka June Cleaver starts taking at 8am to deal with living in that household. And you'll see Ward's weird collection of sex toys. And Edd... Read More »

A network administrator enters the enable command at the Switch prompt of a new switch. What mode will the switch enter?

Privileged mode (will turn into a # sign after the router name instead of the > sign it has upon startup.

Will the digital cable conversion affect my neighbors cable box and hence, my reception?

What's the matter with your stupid neightbor? Can't he do anything right? Some people can be so inconsiderate, can't they? Digital conversion will probably block you out in which case you will defi... Read More »

If the switch to digital TV is govt mandated, is that the US govt Ie, will I still get sexy Mexican channels?

If you can pick up the signal from Mexico now, then you will be able to pick it after the US does it's transition. You will need an "old" analog TV or a converter box with analog pass through. Yo... Read More »