How will the miniature pocket TVs will operate starting february 2009?

Answer It's a problem. You'll have antenna reception, but only in digital. Currently, there are no pocket-sized digital televisions, and there might be some issues, because the ATSC standard wasn't reall... Read More »

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What do you think of February 17, 2009?

i have direct tv so idk nd i really actually dont im not saying tv sucks but we have other things to entertain ourselfs,. the thing that is dear to us nd always will be there shopping,vid... Read More »

HDTV in February 2009?

u dont need a HDTV in 2009. if u have digital cable or satellite u dont need to buy a converter and u'll be ok. if u watch ur TV on an antenna u will need a digital converter to convert ur analog c... Read More »

Will satellite TV be all HD in February 2009?

No. All satellite TV is digital now. Some satellite TV is HD now, and more will be switching from HD to "standard" resolution. The February 2009 analog-to-digital switchover in the United States h... Read More »

Do I have to have HDTV by February 17, 2009?

no friend, not HDTV. follow the link for more info.