How will teenage pregnancy affects your physical development?

Answer You will go through the same things in pregnancy adult women go through. However, remover to ensure you take plenty of calcium and other foods rich in vitamins as you are still growing too, and som... Read More »

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What are the physical problems during a teenage pregnancy?

Some risks during teenage pregnancy are poor nutrition (which can cause the baby to have a low birth weight), high blood pressure, and premature labor. For further information on these risks, visit... Read More »

How will teenage pregnancy affect you emotionally?

Teenage pregnancy not only affects a person emotionally, but also physically, mentally and financially. You may experience mood swings and feelings of guilt and sometimes even regret. Also, you may... Read More »

How does teenage pregnancy can affect your life?

It can affect a teenagers life in many ways:The teenager will miss schoolThey will put on considerable amounts of weight (this happens to every woman when she becomes pregnant)The baby may make the... Read More »

What affects children's development ?

I look at it this way: children live what they learn. If a child is not fed well and live in a secured loving environment, they will not be happy. So they play less and yes they do learn through pl... Read More »