How will it affect you if you drank alcohol at age 13?

Answer Moderate alcohol consumption - and I do mean moderate - will do you no harm at all. Best stick to beer or - avoid spirits, especially tequila - and you'll be fine.

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Will your baby be affected if you drank alcohol 3 times a week for the first 3 weeks of pregnancy without knowing you were pregnant?

This can happen often, so no, it shouldn't affect your baby, but now that you know abstain from alcohol! The same thing happened to me, so I sure hope there's not going to be a problem!

I took advil and then drank alcohol , very little alcohol though... is it safe?

you should be fine:)just do not take depressants and alcohol together.

What is sugar alcohol and will it affect my blood sugars in any way?

Comparisons and Blood Sugar ImpactLook on the label of a sugar-free candy, and you're likely to see words like maltitol, xylitol, and sorbitol. These are sugar alcohols. However, they aren't actual... Read More »

Will a minor in possession of alcohol affect auto insurance rates?

if a minor is drinking alchohol so what dose it really matter ?? no it dose not just as long as thay dnt drink ova 8 bottles of a strate drink Of course auto insurance rates will increase if a min... Read More »