How will I know what makeup fits me best?

Answer Drug store products are the best to start with, that's what I started with:) and I still use themTo this day lol I'm 17 and I started when I was 13. Any who what you want to do is get the foundati... Read More »

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What tire fits a 19"x 8"rim?

Rims with 19-inch by 8-inch measurements require tires with 19-inch diameters that will fit over 8-inch wheels. Such tires are available in a variety of models from Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, Nitt... Read More »

How to Tell if a Suit Fits?

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What UV filter fits D40 SLR?

It depends on the lens. Most smaller Nikkor lenses take 52 mm filters.

How do you apply first aid for fits?

When a patient is experiencing a seizure... Help the patient to the floor, and move away any furniture or anything they could injure themselves against. DO NOT introduce anything into the patient's... Read More »