How will 3d printing change the world?

Answer It will change the world by offering a new way of printing

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How did the printing press change the world?

Science, Politics, Warfare, and Technology were all "Advanced" by the mass communication of mechanical movable print.Books, Newspapers, Magazines, would not be possible.Block Printing and Stencils ... Read More »

How do I Change a PDF Layout for Printing?

PDF files can often have very high resolutions, which makes printing them on regular paper not possible by default. You'll need to edit the print job through the print screen and tell it to fit eac... Read More »

How do I change printing font sizes?

Using Outlook ExpressLog on to Outlook Express.ToolsClick on the "Tools" tab in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Find the "Read" tab, then click on "Fonts."Choosing Font SizeClick on the... Read More »

How do I change font size for printing?

Open up the what you want to printLeft click and highlight either part or the whole area you want printedRight click the highlighted area and click print previewChange the box "As laid out on scree... Read More »