What is the difference between "28mm wide-angle" and "24mm ultra wide-angle lens"?

Answer If you own a Sony, Pentax or Nikon DSLR the 24mm lens will have the equivalent angle of view of a 36mm lens on a full-frame DSLR while the 28mm lens will have the equivalent angle of view of a 42mm... Read More »

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How wide is a double-wide trailer?

Double-wide trailers are usually between 20 and 32 feet wide. Each section of a double-wide mobile home is between 10 and 16 feet wide, so that the sections can be towed to the site separately and ... Read More »

Do wide screen movies fit wide screen tvs perfectly with no black bars?

ASPECT RATIO:…The ratio of the HEIGHT and WIDTH of your TV are likely NOT EQUALto the HEIGHT and WIDTH of the MOVIE.Therefore there's no way to display the... Read More »

What is the difference betwen a Wide-angle lens converter and just a wide-angle lens?

A wide angle lens replaces (temporarily) your standard lens, while a wide angle lens converter screws onto the front of your existing lens (it requires that you get the right one based on the filte... Read More »

How wide is a 12.5 wide shoe?

U.S. men's shoe size 12.5 2E, or 12.5 wide, are 4 11/16 inches in width. U.S. women's shoe size 12.5 D, or 12.5 wide, are 4 1/2 inches in width.References:Shoe City: Size Conversion Tables