How wide is standard door trim?

Answer Standard door trim is 2- to 3-inches wide, but custom door trim can be wider or narrower. You can buy a door already framed and trimed that will fit your opening with standard trim or any custom de... Read More »

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Door was kikcked in. door not damaged just the post inside trim. cost?

You could glue it back together, use long thin pin type nails which aren't hammered in all the way, leave enough hanging out so you could easily pulled them out once the glue has set. Fill nail hol... Read More »

How wide is a standard washer&dryer set?

There is no industry standard setting specific sizes for washers, dryers or other appliances. However, since most American homes are built with 30-inch-wide interior doorways, most washers and dry... Read More »

Do exterior doors come standard in 28" wide?

28" is not a standard width. Common sizes are 36" and 32", 30" is available in some designs. 28" would have to be a custom and you would likely be limited to a wood door.Now, I wonder if you are ... Read More »

How wide is a standard bolt of fabric?

Standard bolts of fabric vary in width depending on the type of fabric. Cotton bolts are usually 42 inches and wool bolts, 60 inches. Standard upholstery fabric bolts are 54 inches wide.References:... Read More »