How wide is a lane of traffic?

Answer The minimum width for an interstate lane of traffic is 3.62 meters. The width of the outside shoulder must be 3 meters, while the inside shoulder is a minimum of 1.2 meters in width.Source:Intersta... Read More »

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How wide is a car lane?

Car lane widths vary by road type. Interstates use a 12-foot lane; the Federal Highway Administration uses an 11-foot standard and as little as 10 feet is acceptable on some smaller rural roadways.... Read More »

How wide is a two-lane highway?

The average width of a road lane is 11 feet. A two-lane highway has two lanes, which equals 22 feet, and with a little cushion could be as wide as 24 feet. The total area of all the roads in the U... Read More »

How wide is a lane on a road?

According to a University of Michigan study, the average width of a lane on a road is 12 feet. States and circumstances may cause variation in the size, but this generally holds true across the Uni... Read More »

How wide is a highway lane?

The average width of a single lane of highway is usually 12 feet, but it can be as wide as 10-15 feet. The outside shoulder width varies from five to 10 feet, and the inside shoulder width varies f... Read More »