How wide are the rings on weld-on beadlocks?

Answer The rings on a weld-on beadlock are on average a 1/4 inch in diameter but can be as big as 4.25 inches. The actual sizes will vary with different manufacturers. Weld-on beadlocks are used on the ti... Read More »

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How wide are saturn's rings?

Saturn's rings only have a thickness of one kilometer or less. However, their width measures in at up to 282,000 kilometers, or 175,000 miles. The rings are named alphabetically in the order they w... Read More »

How to Measure Your Finger for Wide Band Rings?

Properly measuring your finger before purchasing a ring prevents the ring from sliding off of your finger during your everyday activities. Although you can purchase a ring sizer for use at home mos... Read More »

Are beadlocks illegal?

The Department of Transportation has no specific language pertaining to beadlocks in its Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations manual, although Standard No. 109 in the document doe... Read More »

Butt Weld Vs. Socket Weld?

The butt weld and the socket weld are two different ways to weld two pieces of material together. The joint weld is specific to pipe or tubing, but there is a similar condition for flat stock.