How were the first headphones originally made?

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What materials were originally used to make the first made toilet?

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What kind of wood were baseball bats originally made of?

Early baseball bats were most often constructed of hickory or ash, but ash eventually prevailed because it is the lighter wood. Ash continued to be the wood of choice for bat makers such as Louisvi... Read More »

I put the bottom of my headphones in my mouth and i have braces I know im stupid and it made a static noise And the headphones were in my head Did my brain get hurt or anything?

No iPod has any speakers, so you will need either the supplied earbuds or some other headset, or else a docking station with speakers, These are widely available.

Where were the headphones made?

Yes, but you'll also need some type of an amplifier. The outputs on the cable box don't have enough output to drive a set of headphones very loudly, if at all depending on the type of headphones y... Read More »