How were the children of the Holocaust treated?

Answer the were treated bad they were bearly feed and some got some really bad dieases that killed them and the rest of them and because of that they killed the children so the disease wouldn't spread to ... Read More »

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How was the kids treated during the holocaust?

Children that were sent to concentration camps were selected amongst their mothers to see if they were fit for work. Women were in different camps than men. All children who were fit for work were ... Read More »

Why are smokers treated like second class citizens and also treated like children that need to be told off?

Yep, smoking is bad for you, got it. But for all the people screaming about smokers are you aware that car exhaust damages lungs also, as well as causes neurological damage, pollutes the ground wa... Read More »

How many Jewish children were affected during the Holocaust?

An estimated 25% of the six million Jews killed were under the age of 15.

How to Write an Essay on the Children of the Holocaust?

The study of genocide can be an emotionally harrowing but rewarding pursuit, especially when it involves children. It is hard to confront the murder and persecution of vulnerable populations, but t... Read More »