How were the birthstones assigned to months?

Answer A general belief exists that cosmic energy from certain planets has an effect on various gemstones. The cosmic energy from those same planets may affect body parts and vital organs. That energy is ... Read More »

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New military and civilian personnel assigned to a position of elevated IA priviledges have 6 months to complete both IA and Common Operating Environment certification?

What new tasks were assigned to FEMA when it became part of the Department of Homeland Security?

What President's daughters were assigned the Secret Service code names Velvet and Venus?

Secret Service Those codenames were used during the Johnson administration. Their names were as follows,Lyndon Johnson, VolunteerLady Bird Johnson, VictoriaLynda Bird Johnson, VelvetLuci Baines Joh... Read More »

You were addicted to heroin and didnt know you were 4 months pregnant when i found out i got on methadone to quit using now im not on anything will my baby go through withdrawls?

Hello, I take methadone 10 mg for chronic pain and found out i was pregnant. I continued my treatment under the supervision of my doctor. I reduced my med to twice daily on my own accord. I felt gu... Read More »