Cinnamon cookies Chocolate chip Cookies Or Peanut Butter Cookies Which from this list do u like better?

Answer Chocolate chip cookies. Good day :)

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Who invented snickerdoodle cookies?

While there is no agreed-upon inventor of the snickerdoodle cookie, nor is there any substantial evidence proving its primary inventor, many food historians have come to believe that the snickerdoo... Read More »

Who invented Spritz cookies?

Spritz cookies are popular Christmas cookies. You make spritz cookies by pressing a buttery dough through a cookie press. It is unknown who exactly invented the cookies, though they are thought to ... Read More »

Who invented fortune cookies?

According to the Chinese Historical and Cultural Project, the fortune cookie was actually invented in America. It was created by David Jung in 1918. He was the founder of the Hong Kong Noodle Co. i... Read More »

Who invented Chips Ahoy cookies?

Chips Ahoy! cookies were introduced by Nabisco in 1963. They were marketed as a cookie that could not be bitten into without tasting a chocolate chip. By the 1980s, several different varieties of t... Read More »